ORPHANCARED is a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting and facilitating education and Health Care for orphans and widows.  We are a village of Godmothers that are women, sisters, mothers and daughters who believe that a child deserves the world, and that an orphan should not be deprived of the opportunities given to children in order to succeed, for the simple reason that they no longer have parents.


Real care Isn’t Simple. 

Our Team

Our dedicated team works across its 3 global offices in the USA, AFRICA, and EUROPE to support our work
Else Bollanga

Else Bollanga

CEO & Founder
"With a solid background in team management, I strongly believe that while using each other's strengths is important, sharing varied perspectives is equally necessary. Team work and common efforts are essentiel".

Isabelle Lea

Isabelle Lea

Director of Operations Africa
"Having worked in the Accounting Department my whole life, I understand and strongly share the importance of financial planning, budgeting, short and long term business strategy and cash management".

Carole Mbappou

Carole Mbappou

Director of Operations Europe
"With a legal background, I firmly intend to oversee the legal aspects of our organization, and safeguard our reputation by guaranteeing that we strictly follow law guidelines. I will give legal advice about relevant issues". 

Gertrude Shiro

Paula Dale

Fundraising Manager USA
"I understand that every opportunity offered to me is to be turned into a chance to raise significant charitable donations that will allow us to help provide a bright and stable future to orphans and widows in underdeveloped countries".


 We are Partners, Godmothers and volunteers which mission is to change the way the world tackles Orphan Care in underdeveloped countries…. Read more, by raising charitable donations and investing in Orphanages, Orphans, Widows and ideas which goals are aimed to better the lives of Orphans and widows.