Founding Donor

Founding Donors are donors who make a commitment of $1000 - $10.000.000 or more to Orphancared prior to its operational season starting in January 2018.

Orphancared offers a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to be part of the founding of a great institution where, as an agent of change, you will help build a world where orphans and widows can live with dignity, and dream about freedom and choice.

We invite individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations to join us in this historic endeavor that will impact the lives of orphans and widows for generations to come.

There are many ways you can support this watershed moment in the international discussion about poverty, and the vital role you could play in the orphans future:


  • Diamond Pinnacle Donors: $10.000.000 or more

  • Platinum Capstone Donors: $1.000.000 or more

  • Gold Cornerstone Donors: $100.000 or more

  • Silver Keystone Donors: $10.000 or more

  • Bronze Milestone Donors: S1.000 or more