Children around the world are often the most vulnerable victims of violence, poverty, natural disasters and disease. An estimated 30 million orphaned children still lack the basic building blocks for a bright future: a good education, quality medical care, and a stable environment.

In some orphanges, the children are left neglected, underfed and uneducated. You can make a huge difference with your monthly contribution

When you sponsor an Orphancared Orphanage, you help to cover the costs of the children living in that orphanage. Your sponsorship will provide children with a loving, supportive and safe environment where they are raised by a trained caregiver, quality education, healthy food, medical care and other basic necessities.


You have the power to change the course of a child’s life by helping to give vulnerable children the chance at a brighter future. Become an Orphancared sponsor and provide the support orphans need to grow up happy and healthy. Sponsor an Orphancared Orphanage today so that a child can grow up in a loving and stable environment.